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I was telling Minty about “shopping in our own closets” just a moment ago and how we’ve accumulated so many things but rarely use them.

I finally got down to unpacking my boxes (which were in Manchester during my gap year), and found many items I’d forgotten about. Which is great – because it’s like getting presents all over again. Yay!

So I think I should start a whole series of “Shopping In My Closet”, and see what outfits I can concoct out of my closet. This will save a great deal of money!

Firstly, find the Principal Item for your outfit choice. I decided to go casual!

So, I found an old John Lennon + Yoko Ono tee:

The cool thing about this shirt is that it’s actually worn inside-out! I teamed it with my mum’s vintage sweater cardigan.

Secondly, a POP of colour! In this case, I used a new item which I recently bought, my 13″ pink Cambridge Satchel Company satchel!

13" Pink Cambridge Satchel Company x Asos

Lastly, anything goes, really!

The scarf was gifted by one of my best friends in NZ, and my minimalistic Arm Candy consists of DIY friendship bracelets (one was made by Minty), studded bracelets and old tortoiseshell bangles.

The leggings are an old pair from H&M, definitely one of those staples in your closet!

It was a bright and sunny day out today as I headed to the library, hence the sunnies. They are tortoiseshell from Police.

Flats are from Topshop, 2009 Spring/Summer season.

Don’t you think shopping in your own closet is a great idea especially in this bad economy? If you do it, please let us know!

♥ P E A C H E S