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Meet the Brothel Creeper.

If you had been a soldier deployed to a dessert in World War 2, you would most likely have worn a shoe like this. Hard-wearing crepe soles were neccessary given the conditions native to a sandy, barren wasteland (or so Google informs me).

Following the end of the war, the ex-soldiers then took to the streets of London in these very shoes, venturing to various seedy locations …also known as prostitution houses to you and me.

Hence, the Brothel Creeper was born.


I can’t say I’m truly loving these; the beauty of the sole escapes me completely … but then of course now that I’ve said that, there is a chance I might be wearing these in the near future.

I can’t really predict how karma will punish me.

Original creepers by George Cox are now difficult to track down but if you simply must have these and are frothing at the mouth for a pair, The British Boot Company (Camden Town, London) is your best bet.

So what are your thoughts on Brothel Creepers? Yay or Nay?

xo, minty