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I keep vowing that I won’t shop for the next few weeks, months but I ALWAYS get itchy fingers that it’s very hard to stop.myself.from.clicking.urggGGhHH BUY!!

There goes my will power 😦

Well here are the few recent goodies I snatched up in the sales (my favourite time to shop!).

My 13″ pink Cambridge Satchel Company x Asos candy-striped pocket satchel arrived in the post today and I’m SO excited to see it! It’s the perfect size to go out with, compared to my 14″ batchel which is slightly bigger.

Love it!

Peaches' CSC satchel

13″ pink Cambridge Satchel Company x Asos satchel candy-striped pocket

Bagged this at a cool £55 from its original price of £110! 100% leather, it’s got a cotton candy striped pocket which makes this bag ultra cute!

I compare the pink 13″ satchel with my 14″ Vintage & Navy batchel:

There isn’t much difference, but the 13″ is a manageable size. The 14″ satchel carries A4 folders easily, instead of the 13″ satchels.

Treat the 13″ like a handbag, but this is to illustrate to you that I managed to pop in one 587-page legal book (Criminal Procedure), along with a thinner book in the big compartment.

Here is what fits in the smaller compartment:

…my Kindle! 😀 The man had recently presented me my very own Kindle because he knew I love reading but wouldn’t buy books as I wouldn’t be able to ship everything home when I left the UK. Also,if he couldn’t get any sweeter, he had 1000 free books waiting for me to be put into my Kindle! He’s such a sweetie 😀

Besides a Kindle, you can add your other essentials in the smaller compartment:

Kindle, iPod Touch, Blackberry

Here are my other bargain items I managed to buy online at Brandalley:

White Camile Layered Top with a sheer back from Selected Femme for £70 £10 only!

Peacock Tassel Trash Kaftan from OneTeaspoon for £63 £10 only!

I bought these two tops from an online Warehouse sale:

African Spot Top from Warehouse at £35 £15 only! It’s got a cute keyhole on the back of the top as well. You can still find the top here

Oriental Split Sleeve Top from Warehouse at £32 £7 only! The picture doesn’t do it justice but it really is a pretty top!

This isn’t a Fall/Autumn buy but let’s face it, can you turn down a good sale?

Instead of paying £200 for the 4 tops, all I paid was £42! Total savings of £158! 😀

Oh- sorry.

Dear Bank account, I promise promise promise I won’t shop anymore. 

♥ P E A C H E S