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It’s building up to be another sweltering day in this corner of the world (what will I ever do with you, Equator?), hence my self-imposed banishment indoors for the rest of the day.

When you live in the Tropics, a good air-conditioning unit that withstands the test of time and abuse is just as valuable as prized cattle.

…Or a child…

Air-conditioning unit …Please don’t ever leave me.

Anyways, moving on.

Spent my morning wading through a bunch of folders on my desktop computer and dug up a few inspirational photos I forgot I even had.

Rad. Except for the dead butterfly display, because taxidermy messes with my mind a little.

“So this is where they keep all the light.” This picture makes me want to hang precariously out a window and scream: “I’M THE KING OF THE WOOOORLD!!” .. even though it looks like it’s on a level that’s pretty close to the ground. … I’d make it work.COLOUR. Yumm-mmy. ‘Nuff said.(shopbando.com)

Love that crazy wall! Also, if I ever get to have my own office, I’m going to toss confetti at random intervals during the day (thus successfully pissing off whoever has to clean it all up … which.. will ..probably be me). Just because the shopbando girls make it look like fun.

Digging these glittery lashes something crazy. Don’t they look like lashes on disco-ball steroids? Amazing!

xo, minty