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Behold, the 11-month old red Tibetan Mastiff somebody in China paid $1.5 million (10 million yuan) for.


He answers to the name of Big Splash (or Hong Dong in Mandarin) and has been raised on a diet consisting purely of abalone, beef, chicken and sea cucumber.

Good grief. This dog eats better than I do.

On top of being the traditional guardians of temples and palaces (honestly, like this wasn’t cool enough), red Tibetan Mastiffs have had a pretty illustrious past. According to legend, Gengkhis Khan was an owner of one (or maybe an entire pack, who knows? It’s Gengkhis Khan) .. and so was Buddha.



And to think you envied the Queen’s Welsh Corgis.

After knowing that, you really can’t expect to just feed Big Splash a bag of kibble. I mean, his ancestors hob-nobbed with some of China’s greatest legends.

Here’s another photo of him again:

Bet you now see past the perpetual bad hair day and woebegone face, and in a whole new light.

I have to say though, he’s really adorable in a funny-looking kind of way.

I like it. A lot.

You’re cute, Big Splash.

Really cute.

xo, minty