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To look like a lawyer, you have to dress the part.

It’s my second week of classes, and I am already bloody exhausted. I was in Manchester over the weekend (it is a fair 3 hour drive) to meet my friends and also to pick up my six boxes which I have left there a year ago in storage.

“…is that all? You only have SIX boxes?!”

I am super happy to have my boxes with me now, I feel more complete! I’ve also noticed clothing I never knew I had so it’s like unwrapping Christmas presents in Autumn! It was perfect timing too, as I had to wear a dress suit for class today. These were the least crumpled of the lot:

Skirt: H&M, V-neck top: Dorothy Perkins

Let me tell you one thing: A high-waisted skirt can do no wrong! It accentuates the hips, hiding those thunder thighs of mine. It also compliments the figure, especially if you are curvy like me.

Besides having a high-waisted skirt as a MUST-HAVE, a structured blazer is a definite yes too!

I popped a blazer on when I went into Conferencing (also known as Interviewing) class:

One thing I love about this blazer are its structured shoulders, and it clinches right at the smallest part of my waist so it gives a nice hourglass shape to my workwear.

This Bar course is heavy, hectic and stressful. There just isn’t enough time in a day and for me to be saying that means…a whole damn lot. However, the Bar is really interesting and fun!

Here’s what I found in one of my boxes last night:

Don’t worry, it’s just a wig.

I was actually contemplating going into class, legally blonde.

Anyway, I have to get back to work (save me!) but I hope everyone’s having a good day so far! I hope to take better pictures next time, but I just haven’t had the time lately 😦

Lastly, thank YOU for popping by our blog and reading what we actually have to write! We love your comments 😀

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