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Thrifted chiffon kimono cardi, Witchery grey pants and white tank top, green 13″ Cambridge Satchel, Nixon watch, Steve Madden flats, Sereni & Shentel x Anna Coroneo in Strawberry Pink with Tangerine band

After months of deliberation, I finally took the plunge and bought myself a green 13″ Cambridge satchel during my recent trip down to Melbourne!!!! WOOO-HOO!!

… Erm, and also a 14″ navy satchel, but who’s asking anyway.

Really love my satchels (DON’T LOOK AT ME LIKE THAT, IT WAS TOO HARD TO JUST BUY ONE AFTER MONTHS OF SEE-SAWING BETWEEN COLOURS AND SIZES) even though mine aren’t engraved, and I honestly can’t stop fondling them like some kind of bag pervert. 

If you see a small Asian girl with non-existent calves hugging and cooing at a satchel in a corner, you’ve probably just spotted me in a moment of euphoria. 


Sorry you had to see that, world.

Peaches’ review stands – the colour is amazing, it’s well-made, the stitches aren’t unraveling.. It goes on, but you can really just read Peaches’ review (if you haven’t already), because there’s nothing I could say that she hasn’t already covered in her post.

Oh yea. And if you’re in Melbourne and currently searching high and low for a place to check a Cambridge Satchel out in person, mosey on over to Cottage Industry on 67, Gertrude Street in Fitzroy! The lady behind the till was really friendly and helpful despite my disgusting behaviour – modeling nearly every single colour they had on display (and consequently nearly missing my meeting… but again, who’s asking??). She never once gave me the Evil Eye or suggested that I hurry the hell up, so MAJOR THUMBS UP! Love that.

Also, they had a whole jar of these really cool fake plastic mustaches that you can hold up to your face by a stick, which were for sale that I really wanted to get but couldn’t, because I was receiving a couple of highly sexist remarks from my own brother. Gaaah the betrayal.

Honestly, there really wasn’t a good enough reason for his screeching: “WHY DO YOU NEED A FAKE MUSTACHE?!!? YOU’RE A GIRL!!”

How did we ever come from the same womb?!!?

Some people have no sense of humour.

xo, minty