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This morning I watched in awe as my sister-in-law made coffee. From a capsule. Which looks like this:

From a machine that looks like this:

Basically, what happens is you pop that little capsule in a compartment that pops up at the top of this contraption, press a button, and ZZTT~ out comes a shot of espresso, to which you can add milk, sugar, water … really, the sky’s the limit when you’re your own barista. You could even add juice to it if you like that sort of thing, because nobody would get fired.

How idiot-proof is THIS?

Minty like what Minty see!!

Oh, and that odd tower thingy on the right is the milk-frother, which (duh) froths the milk for your coffee. Or just for if you like your milk with foam, I guess.

Good God! What kind of a rock must I have been living under to not be aware that such a machine ever existed, and in my own house, no less? Does everybody know about this newfangled coffee-maker? I feel so backwards, yet also liberated! No more burning and grinding coffee beans, tamping grinds, clearing grinds out of the machine, getting steam in your face … phew, just thinking about it makes me feel like crawling back into bed.

Whoever invented this machine is the lazy man’s champion.

On that note, I really should start updating myself more, lest I one day turn out like my parents – both of whom still find anything with a touchscreen simultaneously magical and confusing. Which is consequently pretty embarrassing whenever we pass a child in a pram fiddling furiously with an iPad.

xo, minty