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So after the heatwave across the UK last week, the weather has gotten cold feet again and strong winds are abundant once more. Hence the coat:

Coat: New Look, Shoes: TOMS, Bag: Longchamp, Scarf: Blanco

I am refraining myself from buying more winter clothes as I will only be here for a year (unless I find myself staying on for longer) and I still have a massive lot of clothes left over from my three undergraduate years in Manchester so I am being economical! This course really sucks you financially (and mentally) dry. Boo.

It’s not even the end of the first week yet.

The only thing new in this outfit are my TOMS. Been wearing them to death since I have no other covered shoes at the moment and I am ever so picky with boots 😦

However, personally for me it really is quite interesting to be working with a small closet – it does make me appreciate whatever clothes I do have!

On another note, you’ve all probably heard about the Cambridge Satchel Company satchels yes? I found a picture of Elle Fanning wearing the Vintage & Navy Designer Batchel which I also own! I’ve only seen the celebrities wear the classic or fluoro-coloured satchels so I’m quite excited she has a Cambridge Satchel Company x Urban Outfitters satchel!

I hope you’re having a more stellar day than I am, even if the weekend’s already here for me (I get Fridays off) I have got a mountain-load of work to do. Nice.

I will be in Manchester over the weekend to finally get my boxes (it was left in a friend’s flat for the past year – so sorry!) and meet my old mates for a good round of dim sum (Pacific Restaurant in Chinatown is best!). Once I have more of my stuff, I shall feel more complete 😀

♥ P E A C H E S