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I’m finally back from the lower reaches of the Southern Hemisphere, and am promising to be back in full blogging swing, starting with a post about my obsession with colour.

I’ll admit I was never the most colourful of dressers – it seemed my wardrobe palette consisted only of clothes in colours that varied only in the darker, gothic corners of the colour wheel. A normal morning a couple of years back would probably consist of me tossing up between a light grey and charcoal grey top, and feeling truly confused and distraught about it (decision-making has never really been my strong point).

Sounds pathetic, but a true story nonetheless.

These days though, I seem to dress more and more as if colour is about to go out of style.

The brighter, the better.

If you’re looking to wear neon colours but have no idea how to incorporate them into your wardrobe, here are a couple of tips I’ve discovered about easing from a monochromatic palette into a multi-coloured, eye-watering display of brights.

LEVEL 1: It’s All In The Details

Accents. And I don’t mean a manner of pronunciation. I’m talking small details, like painting your nails, or wearing bright pops of colour by way of small accessories, even if it’s just a thin cotton bracelet, or if it’s your phone casing (I’m not kidding – this alone can be pretty scary to a chromo-phobe).

Models Own: ASOS exclusive Neon Brights

Bracelets are a great way to ease into the trend. Start by wearing one, then layer them up as you get bolder.

Pimp your gadgets with splashes of neon (photo via geeksugar.com)

I get that it’s always daunting when you’re attempting to graduate from all-monochrome to colour, even if it’s just a tiny speck. But baby steps are a step nonetheless, so be proud of that tiny speck of neon you’re wearing!

LEVEL 2: More is Better

Once you’ve gotten used to the idea of wearing something other than black, white, grey, navy blue or murky brown, you may commence level 2 of this exercise. Start getting into bigger accessories – belts, bags, sandals or neon bib necklaces; basically, up-size your accessories!

More, more, more!!

Christopher Kane’s neon laser-cut clutch in Pink

Adia Kibur, neon-stone necklace

Cambridge Satchel in Fluoro

Neon belts!

Accessories are a fun way to commit to the neon trend without having to spend lots of money overhauling your wardrobe. Buy clutches and accessories to really make your outfit pop, without making any eyes explode in a flurry of fluoro.

Wow, that was a mouthful. Try saying “flurry of fluro” ten times and fast.

I did it, and it started to sound like “flee oh flow, flee oh flow” but that could just be me and some seriously shabby pronunciation.

Totally beside the point.


LEVEL 3: Start Turning Some Heads

Now you’re all ready to wear actual pieces of clothing that are bright! You don’t necessarily have to wear neon, I mean, I get that not everybody is into looking like a walking highlighter.

Whatever your bright colour of choice is, ease into the trend by wearing tops with bright streaks of patterns on them, which is what I did here. Splendid does a really cute piece with pink and taupe stripes:

Splendid striped cotton and silk top.

Neutralize the brights with varying shades of black, grey, camel and muted accessories. Your aim is to look chic and trendy, and not like a serious competitor for a glo-stick, so dark separates are essential to this look.

Entire blocks of colour (minus that giant pink fuzzy hair on the left) are great for a wardrobe lift, and I hope you see what I mean about pared-down separates and accessories. Pairing neon with neutrals makes the trend a whole lot more wearable and relatable to your peers who aren’t as fashion-conscious.

Also, you might cause a lot less distress when you’re checking yourself out in the mirror if you muted it all down. Especially if you have astigmatism.

Here’s another great example of wearing the trend without over-doing it:

Wearing bright bottoms with striking accessories is a great look, and so easy to achieve! While her expression looks incredibly out of tune with the kinds of happy colours she’s rockin’ (why so seee-rious?), she works the neon trend without making eyes roll out of heads and that is what we all (hopefully) want to achieve.

LEVEL 4: Not for the Faint-Hearted


Not something I really would suggest, as it calls for a couple of prerequisites (i.e. you can’t be colour-blind, and you have to know what complementary colours are).

Try pairing two complementary colours together (for example: pink & orange, green & blue, blue & yellow, purple & blue .. the list goes on, and hopefully you get the gist) together, and anchor the rest of your outfit with dark separates and/or accessories.

Of course, a safer bet would be to wear an entire sheath, ala Kristen Cavallari if you have no clue what colours go together:

As idiot-proof as wearing an LBD. Provided you’re okay with that much eye-watering colour.

If you’re committed to wearing that much colour, remember that less is more. Go without chunky accessories, because that might just come off looking undesirably OTT. Go with as little accessories as possible – delicate chokers, stud earrings (if you must) and a neutral handbag and shoes will accent your bright outfit and pull it out of ‘glo-stick’ territory.


The neon trend is fun and adorably flashy (given that you haven’t over-done it), so have fun with it, and let me know how you like to wear your neon pieces!

Hope everyone’s having a great day!

xo, minty