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I’ve only just started classes, but am already bogged down with the amount of work we have to do for the Bar Professional Training Course (BPTC).

Please remind me that the bed is NEVER a good place to study. Never.

From the weekend, here’s where I spent it having Introductory talks, lunch on the terrace and formal dinings at night:

Lincoln’s Inn Great Hall

The above food photograph was of our lunch in Lincoln’s Inn. If you’re thinking that it’s only one measly plate, you’re terribly wrong. Everything was on a free flow including the red and white wines! The food was pretty great (I am not great at describing in detail about food), so it was definitely a fattening weekend.

The heatwave in London definitely did not help us students sitting in the Great Hall for the talks by barristers and judges at all. Practically everyone was falling asleep, it was definitely one big snoozefest!

I arrived back in Newcastle on Sunday itself and started classes on Monday. Boy, is it hectic and they’re really thrown us in the deep end! But I’m done with my SPS (Student Practice Sessions) for the week and have only lectures to look forward to so I decided to pop into town for a wee bit and get some uni supplies.

Then I walked into TK Maxx which sells “big labels at small prices” (quality branded goods sold at a fraction!) and saw this gorgeous tribal print poncho at £19.99!

How warm does that look?! It also feels amazing on my skin as well 😀 I liked it so much I bought it without looking at what brand it was, and came home with it:

So I’ve just turned the poncho inside out and found out it’s from Steve Madden! Good stuff, I’m pleased 😀

I’m back to doing work (and some Bargain Hunt!). Have a good mid-week!

♥ P E A C H E S