So here I am, back to typing this blindly out on my iPad because I’m out of the country and have thoughtlessly decided to travel light. Meaning to say, I really don’t learn my lessons well and enjoy torturing myself. Am away for work, back Down Under, which explains the mighty lack of updates from my corner.

As you may remember from Apple Disaster Pt.1, you can’t add pictures from an iPad, hence my text-heavy post. Rest assured I have been gaining weight because of all the delectable food they have here…. I swear I have forgotten what I just typed. FML.

Anyway, what I probably meant to say is that I will be updating again as soon as possible. The next post you see from me will (fingers crossed) have pictures and coherent sentences that don’t make me appear as if I have Alzheimer’s which will be a good thing.

Until then, you will have to be content with a thoughtlessly worded post where I attempt to communicate with the rest of the blogging world. Argh.
Quite clearly, I have forgotten what the purpose of this post was. That will teach me for replying smses in the middle of blind typing. Until my next post.

Xo, minty