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I’ve not had the chance to write lately because I was preparing for my return to the UK for my Bar studies.

I studied in Manchester for my undergraduate, and I am currently in my postgraduate in Newcastle. Classes officially start next Monday but this weekend I am headed to London for Lincoln’s Inn Introductory weekend. If you are doing the Bar, or did it I’d love to hear from you!

I am excited to be back here, but I know I have a hard year ahead of me!

I’d like to mention that everyone has been mega nice to me and I have to say… maybe it’s true what they say about the Northerners. “The scenery gets better, and so do the people as you travel further north.”

And I’d like to thank Minty for the lovely early birthday present she got for me, a Sereni & Shentel x Anna Coroneo headband! I brought it with me here to the UK and have dubbed it as my ‘magic headband’. It’s a good early incentive for working hard 😀

I have to go out now to get myself a pair of covered shoes. I only have havaianas on me at the moment (my boxes are still in Manchester) so a pair of beautiful boots is definitely a need. Like Kate Moss’:

My mukluks are just not ready for Autumn yet.

♥ P E A C H E S