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Ah, Black Pearl. I’ve had my eye on you ever since you first emerged in the market towards the latter part of 2010. Of course, as luck would have it, every Chanel counter I hit had sold out with waiting lists that ran longer than a tele-thon of the Lord of the Rings trilogy. So I quietly filed you away in a part of my brain I reserve for Things I Really Want That Fate Doesn’t Want Me to Have (Because Fate Hates Me) and I didn’t spare you a second thought again for fear I might start buying you off ebay in a fit of madness at an escalated price (people are mean).

Nearly a year later, a friend gifted me a set of nailpolishes and amongst them was – YES, YOU GUESSED IT!!! – THE CHANEL LE VERNIS BLACK PEARL (no. 513, for the pedantic in you)!!

Like the laminate flooring at your local bowling alley, I was bowled over.

I tried taking pictures of the nailpolish in all its multi-toned glory, but nothing seemed to show an accurate representation of the glorious colour. This is either because I don’t know a thing about lighting and camera angles, or because my camera has failed me. Meh.

But here is a picture that most accurately represents the colour better than any picture I’ve managed to take (quite a few, if I care to admit), and even then it doesn’t really do that great of a job, because it doesn’t show you the multi-dimensional effect of this polish:

Not to be confused with this Black Pearl:

Pirates of the Caribbean. Savvy?

I don’t believe I’ve seen any dupes for Black Pearl around in the market – the nailpolish, not Jack Sparrow’s pirate ship. But nothing seems to quite mirror the strange, murky grey-green-blue metallicky sheen of this nailpolish; simultaneously demure and classic, yet wonderfully on-trend and chic. It’s a wonderful mix of a couple different tones, culminating in one Holy Grail of a varnish.

I wish I had more pictures to show you, but the ones I’ve taken really must never see the light of day. On that note, nothing quite manages to encapture the full effect of this nailpolish anyway – it always comes off at a slightly different sheen or colour at certain angles.

I know this because I’ve been waggling my fingers everywhere I’ve been, in so doing thoughtfully road-testing its effect for all my lovely readers.

At the expense of my reputation.

….In public…

That doesn’t really matter though.BECAUSE I LOVE THIS NAILPOLISH. I wish I had a never-ending bottle of this stuff!!

Because I’ve never been that great at descriptions, you really must try it to believe it. You won’t be disappointed.

Cross my heart.

Hope everyone’s having a great weekend!

xo, minty