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I know these are probably a little too chunky, a little too high and heck, a little too much of everything, but I can’t help myself. It was simply love at first sight.

Feast your eyes upon the Charlotte Olympia ‘Martha In Stripes’ suede and leather wedges:


Aren’t they exquisite? In a Midas-touch kind of way.

Admittedly, these shoes are probably a 6-inch health hazard waiting to happen and I can already picture myself falling in a number of highly undignified ways (especially if I tried walking down a flight of stairs), but all that nonsense aside, these would be perfect for sitting around in.

When I say “sitting around in”, I of course mean that somebody would probably have to carry me around and deposit me on chairs whilst I model them from the safety of a sitting position. To further clarify, that means I have to go places without actually taking too many steps on my own.


I mean, there really is no telling what could happen if I had these strapped onto my feet and tried walking. I am, of course, not particularly widely known for my grace. I wobble occassionally on 4-inch heels, which I suppose speaks to my fervent love for flats. Which also makes the purchase of these shoes ridiculous and redundant. 6 inches (with platform) is probably more than enough to get me seriously injured.

But I mean C’MON. Gold and stripes? Stripes of GOLD? How could I not love these? And has anyone noticed the red sole? TO-DIE-FOR!!

Of course, they could be mine for the mere price of £646.25, off net-a-porter.com. You know, if I had that kind of budget to throw on frivolous pretty things.


xo, minty