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Romwe striped kaftan, Bimba & Lola drawstring bag, Steve Madden flats, Nixon watch, Sportsgirl beaded Peace necklace

Wearing this obnoxiously bright, mullet-esque kaftan to work was the absolute highlight of my day – bright colours make me feel on top of the world, and no guesses on why. I’ve sort of noticed that I’ve been gravitating towards a lot of eye-watering colours lately, which is a huge change from my previously monochromal choices. I mean, I guess there’s only so many ways one can wear black, white and grey until it gets a little repetitive. Not to mention depressing.

As a sidenote, I guess I am pretty lucky that I can wear whatever I want to work as long as I don’t look homeless (or slutty), which is a luxury that isn’t afforded to many in the corporate world. So thumbs up on the job front.

I get the feeling I sometimes dress like I think I’m in advertising. Or going to the mall.

Also, now that I really look at it, I am aware that I probably resemble an awkward flamingo in my last two pictures, but I had to show you my shiny chrome flats. Evidently, from the looks of it, I felt the need to show you both my feet. Possibly because showing you one just wasn’t enough..

Man oh man. I never knew how much I’d enjoy wearing reflective things on my feet, but I do. Amazing.


xo, minty