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It is Sereni & Shentel’s first collaboration with Australian-born artist Anna Coroneo who now resides in New York. Before I knew about the collaboration, I had never heard about Coroneo but I’m glad I now do.

Her bright, colourful and simply gorgeous print paintings look even better when transferred into fashion! You have to check her out! Visit Coroneo’s site here. I love love LOVE the prints and they make the perfect summer dress!

Anna Coroneo at work. A beautiful blend of Art x Fashion

I am so excited Sereni & Shentel is making a special collaboration with Coroneo for their Block Party headbands. Anna Coroneo is now on Sereni & Shentel headbands! I can now have something of both 😀 This coming Monday (19 September 2011) Sereni & Shentel will be finally releasing the Limited Edition headbands and I definitely want to get my hands on these gorgeous headbands!

Which ones of these 7 do you like? 😀


But if I were to choose, I’d choose the 5th and 6th headband because I am a fan of turquoise and I love the burst of colour! I am hoping to get my hands on them when they have been released.

If I could make you spend more, then please do check out some of Coroneo’s beautiful prints on clothing here:

Art + Fashion = Perfect Brew! Aren’t they all simply gorgeous?! Her dresses are retailing at $300.00 a piece! I shall have to save up for that 😦

Visit Coroneo’s website here!

Visit Sereni & Shentel’s website here, its Facebook site here and its Twitter for current updates!

Minty and I would also love to thank Sereni & Shentel for graciously promoting our humble little abode on their social media platforms (Facebook & Twitter) – it has brought in quite a lot of traffic! 😀

Have a great weekend!

♥ P E A C H E S