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I’ve always been a huge fan of menswear-inspired outfits. Clothes that don’t restrict my breathing or neccessary movements to function from day-to-day (like reaching for my phone or lifting a spoon to my lips) are a ginormous plus in my book … and let’s face it, I’ve gained a couple of kgs since I made that trip down over to my surrogate motherland. I need more breathing space than normal.

Stuffing your face silly has consequences.  

Forever 21 top, Portmans silk scarf, Zara black pants, Sportsgirl bag

Found this silk scarf hiding sneakily behind a bunch of other unflattering ones at a Portmans store and I couldn’t be more deliriously happy that I’ve finally found a scarf to incorporate into my wardrobe in this humidity. Tied it around my neck the first chance I got and I really dig how it looks like I’ve got a tie loosely slung over my outfit.

It’s lightweight enough that I don’t sweat profusely moments after slinging it around my neck, and is weighty enough that it doesn’t flap in my face with every step I take.

Also, I really like rubbing it surreptitiously on my face when nobody’s looking.


Rummaging nonchalantly with my dignity intact.

Love the length on this quilted Sportsgirl bag, because I can dig around for whatever nonsense I always seem to tote around with me without 1) propping my bag on my hip and leaning dangerously back, 2) propping my bag on my boyfriend/nearest friend/relative (sorry guys – you were there, y’know?), 3) propping my bag on one knee whilst attempting to balance on the other foot, 4) poking my head almost halfway into my bag to search for the elusive item (bag-snorkeling).

Only problem with it is the stupid clasp keeps popping open on me.



Sometimes (in a fit of fury), I hug it to my chest and use it as an oversized clutch instead. If only I didn’t need so much stuff, this would work perfectly. -_- As it is, this method is a little too bulky and tedious to upkeep for long, and before I know it, the bag is back to hanging off my shoulder with the clasp all wantonly agape.


Also wore a black headband, because my hair decided to be intensely unmanageable today. Story of my life, really. Thank Heaven for headbands. This one by the girls of Sereni & Shentel is my favourite.


Sereni & Shentel Block Party Headband in Black

Cheap Monday sunglasses, DIY yellow and ochre string bracelets, t-bar closure red string bracelet (er, I’ve forgotten where this is from)

And really, what day in a tropical island would be complete without a pair of sunnies and a mini arm-party?

Hope everyone’s having a good Tuesday!

xo, minty