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Hello one and all! Am finally back from my trip to the smallest continent in the world, and am consequently also back to complaining about the obnoxious heat around these parts (I am aware I will have to stop nattering on about it someday and get used to it once and for all, but seriously, can this island get any hotter?).

Am also suffering from a touch of jetlag, even though I am entirely ashamed to say that the time difference between Borneo and Australia is only about two hours … Cough. This is most likely a sign of age. 😦

But at least I’m back to using my trusty (though dying) laptop and can update this space, filling your brain with my wordy nonsense! As much as I love my iPad, it really does seem to hate WordPress for some perplexing reason I can’t quite fathom. Boo. That will teach me to assume the iPad could replace my laptop.

In other news, I got a bundle of new nailpolishes in impossibly obnoxious colours and have probably already offended an entire host of people around here with my disgustingly loud choice of nail colour.

L-R: Carnival Citrus (Kit Cosmetics), 316 (Steven Madden), Painted Beauty (Mecca Cosmetica)

Can’t wait to try all these babies out!

I know Carnval Citrus and Steve Madden’s 316 – which is a true orange shade, by the way – look incredibly similar, but that’s just my camera being mean again. Carnival Citrus is that intense shade of yellow right on the border of being neon – and who doesn’t love yellow? Yellow is my new ‘basic’ colour, and really goes with just about any other colour you can think of.

On that note, the only way I could describe Painted Beauty is that it’s a cross between a neon pink and muted orange – which, after second thought, is a weird description, but nobody ever said I was the best at describing colours. But I swatched it on a piece of tape over my nails in the store and it pops like a neon, without the eye-watering aspect that usually comes with neon colours… God, this is getting from bad to worse, I just pray you know what I mean, and the colour descriptions will end here.


Had Carnival Citrus on my nails today and noticed my colleagues and various people in coffeeshops giving me weird, horrified looks. Perhaps Borneo isn’t ready for neon nails just yet (which is just a right old shame) – but Australians loved Carnival Citrus, and I got a heap of compliments and questions on where I got it from (if you were wondering, it’s from the Kit Cosmetics booth in Myers and it retails at AUD$15.95 – pop down to the store to get it, because I checked and their website doesn’t seem to stock this colour)!

Back home, I really only get offended looks and disgusted expressions, which (I won’t lie) really makes me want to find the most blindingly neon shade and wear that for an entire month, just to say: “GET USED TO IT!!!! MY NAILS ARE NEVER GOING FRENCH!!!!” With that exact number of exclaimation marks. I should get a tee-shirt printed up with those words and have a bit of a laugh.

People can be so serious.

I would’ve taken a picture of my yellow nails, but it’s all chipped now – not because it doesn’t last or anything (the formulation is a bit streaky, but it seems to hold up really well), but because I have a disgusting habit of picking at my nailpolish. Though I know really shouldn’t. Each time I pick at my nailpolish, I feel like I’m tossing a cent away, and besides that, picking at your nailpolish damages your nails.

So don’t do it kids. Don’t pick at your nailpolish … or your nails, for that matter.

xo, minty