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“How would you wear a cape?”

Well, you don’t.

It wears you. “What?” Of course it wears you! It is what makes Batman Batman, or Superman Superman. A superhero can’t go without a cape. (Okay not all, but still)

It’s that amazing cape. It’s mysterious, alluring and downright badass.

Which was the sole reason why I now have one. Not just a cape, but a cape dress. Ohhh yes.

Even though the cape is not detachable, it can double as a hood. Fantastic! I had to have it – and have it I do now! 😀

Disappointingly I can’t seem to muster enough badass moves to look like I’m saving the world. But I can do quite the chicken dance. Have you seen it? Well, now you have:

how do you make gifs

That’s me rufflin’ my feathers, in Charles & Keith tan T-Bar platforms.

Okay so besides twirling my cape like so,

I can at least look like a Rouge Wanderer from Far Far Away Land wearing a hooded cape. Well, sort of.


picture to gif

I’d actually like to go out and do this…the only problem is that there’s no lining and thus, I wouldn’t want my knickers to be peeking out so boldly to unknown strangers. Plus, I’ve made one too many mistakes of wearing dresses with too thin a material (not on purpose though!). “OH what – I CAN SEE YOUR PANTIES! YOU’RE WEARING STRIPED ONES TODAY AREN’T YOU HAHAHA!”

Nevertheless, I still think this cape dress is wayy cool.

Bracelets: Beaded wristbands – Asos & Rhinestone Woven Bracelet – Kitson; Wooden Ring – thrifted

I’d want to be running down the street with this dress on – it’d look E-P-I-C.

Earrings from Designs by FaraM

Wearing a gold plated 3-leaf clover drop earring designed and made by Farah M, a friend of mine (she doesn’t know I blog here…yet). I love how thoughtful she was to make sure the studs weren’t from metals that my ears can be sensitive to and how she even included rubber stops too for a choice!

Check out her designs which are beautiful and affordable! Do give her support, she’s only just started! Oh and did I mention that she definitely ships worldwide too?

P.S: Do you have a piece of clothing that makes you feel like a Superhero? Share your story!

♥ P E A C H E S