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Girls like sparkly things.

I’m not as bold as to say that this is true of all girls, but I’d be bold enough to say it’s true enough that it has about 98% of the female population in its grip.

Sure, we probably like them in different ways – like the glint of gold on the catch of that Chanel bag, or the silvery finishing off that Tom Binns choker, a ginormous shocker off a Harry Winston display or even the magnificient glitter on a pair of Christian Louboutins .. but the principle remains the same.

Girls. Like. Sparkle.

I also imagine this might be a contributing factor as to why a lot of people seem to fancy themselves as vampires these days (ala the Twilight series, if you have been living under a rock and have no idea what I speak of). I mean when Edward stepped out into the sunlight with his shirt all unbuttoned, I heard more than just female voices screeching, “THAT. IS. SOOO. COOL!!!!!” Exactly like that, with the OO’s and multiple exclamation marks in their voices.

Well. If it floats your boat..

On a side note: I am never watching Twilight in the cinemas ever again. NEVER.

But I’m digressing.

I, too, like sparkle. That is, sparkle in the form of SEQUINS!!

What’s that? SO LAST YEAR, I hear you scream? 😦 The heart likes what the heart likes. I can’t resist the siren call of sequins. On that note, fear not, I am deadly aware of the fact that there’s a pretty fine line between movie star and Las Vegas showgirl where sequins are concerned.. but I can’t deny that they just REALLY excite me. Observe:

Sequin blazers are still a great way to accent an outfit without looking like a gaudy bird. A sequin blazer says “I’m fun and chic” and who doesn’t want to be fun and chic?

I’m really feelin’ Lauren Conrad’s look on the end there – a long, streamlined blazer is probably just about the most perfect item one can own (at least, this is true in my mind). Add sequins to that and I’d probably frame it up forever, only to be used in fashion emergencies. Sad part is, I don’t even feel like I’m exaggerating when I say this.

The best thing about wearing crazily sequinned garments: You never need to worry about accessorizing. AND THAT’S GREAT NEWS, it really is. Accessorizing can be a little bit of a chore when you’re in an indecisive mood (we all have those days .. don’t we?). Bit of an endless soliloquy, if you ask me.

It always starts like this: What do I put on? Pearls or chain? On that note, long chain or choker length? Earrings? Studs or danglies? Should I wear bangles or chain bracelets or DIY bracelets or WHAT THE HELL DO I ADORN MYSELF WITH?! With a sequinned outfit, this sort of anxious behaviour is unneccessary. You already sparkle so intensely, you’re in danger of either blinding someone with your dazzling outfit (this is a DESIRABLE effect, given that you don’t actually blind someone) or being OTT without any added assistance. Whichever came first.

LOVE IT.via WhoWhatWear

MORE SEQUINS! (Aaaaand there’s an image repeat.. forgive me. On that note, can you spot it? Hehe.)

If you’re not so bold as to don a sequinned skirt, top or dress, try accenting your outfit with accessories and shoes! Especially shoes. A great sparkly shoe can amp up your mood, and make you feel great! And really, it’s all about feeling great, in my opinion. Wear what makes you feel like you’re at your best.

Of course, as I’ve said before, there’s always a danger in looking entirely OTT when you decide to encase any part of your body in sequinned garments. Accents are usually your best bet if you’re timid, and if you’re more adventurous, sequinned tops, bottoms and dresses are right up your alley. I probably would draw the line at wearing sequins from head to toe.

Unless, of course, you were looking to recreate the Twilight vampire effect, in which case I implore you to put on that sequinned jumpsuit, hat and shoes and prance freely through wherever you may so please! (Then take a photo and send it in. I’D LOVE TO SEE THAT, I’M NOT KIDDING.)

Also, I hope you enjoy my mega rambly post because I’ll be somewhat MIA from this space for about 10 days or so. It’s back to my surrogate motherland for me AND BOY AM I EXCITED!!

xo, minty