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Marks & Spencer top, Zara pants, chunky necklace by Topshop

Picked this baby up on one of my trips to a neighbouring concrete jungle – it just seemed to tick all the right boxes: soft, airy, pretty, wearable, light-weight, animal print.. I could go on, but really, those were the main points, and the rest is all gibberish and nonsensical rambling and I don’t want to bore you.

Naturally when they didn’t have it in my size, I felt Crazy-Eyes-Minty come to the fore and the next thing I know, I was marching off towards the cashier with the next smallest size they had clutched tightly in my fist. I would MAKE IT WORK. THIS WILL FIT ME.  

Wish I’d had the same kind of conviction and determination when I was in Uni.

Luckily for me I enjoy wearing oversized-tops anyway.

Delicate chain necklaces got hopelessly lost in this print so I warmed it all up with a chunky, earth-toned necklace and that was it. I went through the day feeling like I was the next Whitney Port, fresh off The Hills.. minus the heels and definitely minus the height (and blonde hair).

I love how animal print amps up my day.

[edit:] Just realized how scarily deformed my fingers look in these pictures because of my dark nailpolish camouflaging parts of my fingers against my trousers… That’s some crazy horror movie stuff right there. Don’t let that scare you though! I promise coloured animal print doesn’t do that to your fingers. xx

xo, Minty