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Chiffon Arm-Tie Top – GOSS:PS; Al Capone Sunglasses – Le Specs; Black Leggings – Diesel; Satchel – Blanco

The weather lately has been rather wonky from 38°C heat to torrential downpours complete with lightning and thunder. Maybe the monsoon season is arriving soon? That’s what you get living on the equator.

This loose chiffon top with its criss-cross-tie-it-yourself sleeves is perfect. Not too much arm flesh (I’ve got those chicken-wing ones; the result of on-and-off workouts), airy and those cute arm-tie bands make the top look cooler – if not, a really ordinary tank.

The only slight problem?

As the sleeves are tie-them-yourself, it gets loose when you happen to be moving you arms around…a lot. Which for me it happens…a lot.

*sigh* You can never win!

I bought this top at only RM55/£11 (which you can also buy online here) from GOSS:PS which has its store on Jalan Telawi 2, Bangsar Baru, Kuala Lumpur.

I frequent Jalan Telawi for one-of-a-kind finds and bargains whenever I’m in Kuala Lumpur (capital of Malaysia) instead of the malls because I get bored easily in shopping malls (did I hear you gasp?). I used to live there in my college days, and so it definitely holds a soft spot with me. There are few independent local designers in this area so do check Jalan Telawi in Bangsar when you’re there 😀

Lately I’ve been falling in love with friendship bracelets all over again. It reminds me of my younger days when my best friend and I would sometimes make colourful weaved cotton bracelets for each other and wear it till it fell off (usually in the shower!).

Experimenting with different threads and styles, I decided to make my own beaded friendship bracelets with the ever-helpful professional Minty that she is. So far, I’ve been getting nice reviews of them and some even commenting: “I’d definitely buy it!”

Me: Awww! *tear*

So here’s my arm candy today:

(L-R): Double Pyramid Wristband – ASOS; Black Cord & Cube – Whistles; Double Beaded Wristbands – ASOS; Mens Cotton Friendship Bracelet – ASOS; DIY Stringed Gold Friendship Bracelets in Navy & Silver; Mens Cotton Friendship Bracelet – ASOS

I wore my DIYs (Navy & Silver) with my other arm candy which I snapped up in the recent ASOS sale (which is still ongoing!). And yes, I like men’s accessories too!

Behind The Scenes: A beautiful mess?

I’m currently a sucker for friendship bracelets but sadly a lot of them are wayy too expensive. Think in the double to triple digits of USD and Pounds! 😦

So I think making my own is good for now 😀

Get an extra 20% off the ASOS sale before it ends in a few days, and grab some goodies before it all goes! Click below ↓

Have a great start to the week everyone!

P.S: Minty will be slightly MIA on this wordpress for a little while but not to worry…I will double the entertainment!



…right. I did not just say that!

♥ P E A C H E S