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Human beings were never supposed to be lonely creatures as we are sociable beings. Being alone can be one of the worst things in this world. You may have a thousand friends, but sometimes you may still feel alone…like noone understands you.

However, it was the start of the PostSecret phenomenon years ago that started this whole WORLD community that says hey, maybe you and I aren’t so different! Then there’s Dear Photograph and now there’s The Self-Worth Project.


What is it? This idea stemmed from Frank Warren, and basically it is writing your secret onto a postcard (though it can vary in size) and posting it (anonymously)! Hence the name: PostSecret from post-a-secret.

The power of a secret, finally no longer a secret. As these postcards are normally sent anonymously, there is a sense of security but also relief – you can finally breathe slightly easier.

The website only updates new secrets every Sunday so the secrets can be spread out. This one below was via its Facebook page:

ME TOO! 😦 I feel your pain. Sigh.

Up on this week’s PostSecrets site, here’s a postsecret from last week:

and then an email response to the above picture this week!:


Check it out here!

P.S: You can send in your secrets through email, FB, or even Twitter too instead of postcards! 🙂

P.P.S: If you are living in the US, then you’re super fortunate to be able to attend presentations by the founder himself, Frank! Venues are always sold out! His presentations are fun, emotional and very life-changing. Check listings for a venue near you!

Dear Photograph

Founded only in May of this year and already dubbed Number 7 in TIME Magazine’s 50 Top Websites of 2011, this is one community website already picking up interest.

Basically what you do is take an old picture from your albums, and place it against the present background. What emotions does it evoke? Let the photo know by saying, “Dear Photograph, …”

Dear Photograph, Remember when we decided to see if shrink wrap would hold my brother Joe to a tree? This made us laugh so much! - Annie Enderle

Dear Photograph, I fell in love with a woman. I’m not ready to let go…but she is. - McKenzie Dillingham

Check it out here! Submit your own Dear Photograph. I did, but it hasn’t shown up…yet 😦

The Self-Worth Project

Founded in October of last year, this project is a “photo documentation of people expressing their deepest and most vulnerable fears and insecurities. People choose a word that encompasses their struggles and write it on their body. “

(Behind the scenes at the photoshoot. Real people, and real stories)

The photographs are well taken and full of emotion of the people brave enough to bare themselves.

Through this project, they are bringing awareness to the daily struggles and discrimination that you and I face every day as humans.

Here’s one I resonate well with:

But it’s okay because I think I’m tall anyway 😀

Their Mission? “To not only deliver this understanding, but to form a more loving and accepting world.”

Check it out here!

These projects are inspirational because of people like you and I so I hope you find that piece of inspiration as you wade through all the stories!

If you know of any other cool community projects, do let us know!

Lastly, Minty & I want to thank YOU, our readers for reading this humble little wordpress, for giving comments, likes, and even subscribing to this blog! We really appreciate your footprints! 😀

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