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Sluggish motor coordination? Check. Sensitivity to temperatures around me? Check. Lack of focus? (More like what focus?) Check. Throat on fire? Check. Constant feeling of exhaustion? TRIPLE CHECK.

I’ve been feeling somewhat under-the-weather lately. Various ailments have begun to plague my body and just because I’m looking for excuses that aren’t related in any way whatsoever to the general lackadaisical attitude towards my own health (HEHE – sniff), I’m going to blame it on global warming.


It seemed like the only semi-logical explanation left.

In some kind of effort to cheer myself up I’ve been staring at Marchesa dresses off Google. Observe:

Man, do Marchesa dresses put me in a good mood. These pieces are to die for, and then some. People need to wear more things that require structural support. Maybe when we’re all concentrated on struggling to fit through narrow doorways and finding personal space on various means of public transportation, we’ll have less time to feel like life is boring and develop some essential puzzle-solving skills.

I REALLY like how this look is part Bollywood actress, and part Swan Lake/ballet-inspired. I think it’s really awesome, but I get the feeling the model doesn’t seem to share this sentiment. Look at that baleful expression. I guess if I had to wear that sparkly thing on my forehead for hours I wouldn’t feel so hot either.

When in doubt, I always remind myself that LASER-CUT ANYTHING IS COOL.  Paint designs on your clothes? Totally passé. In the 21st century, we LASER THAT SHIZ-NIZ IN. Although it should probably be noted that I seem to have the weirdest pull to artful holes in clothes.

This dress is actually a little too girly for me, but I’m really diggin’ that ball of a clutch. I’ll admit it: when it comes to clutches I sometimes like it weirdly non-functional. I mean, honestly, look at it. It’s fashionable, it’s pretty, it’s artful, and it looks like you could use it as a weapon for self-defense.

Marchesa thinks of EVERYTHING.

Olivia Wilde, Golden Globes, wearing Marchesa

Far out! This is probably my favourite Marchesa dress – it made all my goosebumps prickle, but in a good way. Anything that sparkles like a disco ball on steroids is a big fat YES in my book. Also, I like to imagine that an angel sneezed on her dress, and that’s why everything is so perfectly bedazzled.

Out of this world.

xo, minty