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I spent part of my morning perving at interior design photos and have come to a solid conclusion that I would, indeed, very much enjoy having my meals whilst being outnumbered by huge leafy plants and/or topiaries. 

Indoors, of course, because it would just be unnecessarily cruel to have to sit out in the heat.

Speaking of unnecessary: Going through pictures of the talented Erin Fetherston‘s house makes me wonder how I ever lived without a set of iron-wrought glass doors leading off into … anywhere. I’m not picky. I just need a set of iron-wrought doors. Probably without the glass backing because cleaning them would make me cry.

Also, suddenly a courtyard feels like it would be a really essential part of any house. Look how resort-ish this looks; kind of like you have a part of Europe in your own backyard (unless you actually live in Europe, which immediately negates the need for this), or some swanky spa.

Why don’t I, too, have a (as far as I can see) pointless courtyard and two useless water deposits features in the ground?? I am certain my dogs will appreciate this.

The library ladder just closes the deal on this feature shelving unit – who doesn’t remember Belle swinging around on one of these ladders in the Beauty and the Beast? This is so a Disney child’s dream come true.

Of course I’d first have to overcome my fear of heights, but I assume that this will come to pass eventually. Somehow.

The pièce de résistance.

I seriously want one of these shadow art installations by Fred Eederkens. In my house. Preferably everywhere, if possible. Especially if something could be worked out so the shadows spelled: ‘M-I-N-T-Y‘ (wow, this isn’t narcissistic at all).

If not, things like ‘I AM WATCHING YOU‘ or ‘I KNOW WHAT YOU DID‘ will work out just as well.

Pictures via delightbydesign & Fred-Eederkens.be

xo, minty