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This month is the fasting month ‘Ramadhan’ for all Muslims, before the ‘Hari Raya’ celebration also known as Eid. If you happen to be in South East Asia, you will notice a lot more people wearing baju kurungs around in town!

If you’re never heard of the “baju kurung“, when translated from Malay into English it is called “Enclosed Clothing”. Very apt, as it is the ‘national dress’ of the Malays in certain Muslim countries like Malaysia, Brunei and Indonesia.

It is often the Malay ladies who wear this on an almost daily wear compared to other races to cover their flesh. It is a simple piece of clothing, and respectable especially in a Muslim country.

I won’t dwell more on the history of this baju kurung, you can read it all here!

Anyway, my mum has been handing me more clothes lately trying hard to de-clutter her closet from the 70s. She used to be a lecturer working for the government, and therefore owns many a baju kurung (which she used to complain about as it was so hot to wear in this humid country).

In that pile, was this:

Slightly puffy sleeves and totally shapeless 😦 Poor mum!

However, they make such nice ones nowadays though, especially the Baju Kebaya!

Yep. Not flattering at all – I reckon the ManRepeller would approve!

I guess this dress does work in not conjuring nasty sleazy thoughts in the minds of some men! Hah. Perverts will still remain perverts! +_+

Well, this ain’t no pretty maxi dress so I decided to give it the Peaches modern twist and turn it entirely into-

– wait for it…








how do you make gifs


There mum, I made your baju kurung SO much cooler! From being shapeless to looking ultra cool! Vintage, shift dress & puffy sleeves – definitely in! 😉

Do tell me what you think about this look!

♥ P E A C H E S