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“Too much talk will exhaust itself.
It is better to remain centered.”

So here we are; arrived at yet another Monday in a string of Mondays to come, and I’m feeling mind-blowingly exhausted. Spent my entire weekend breaking from routine and keeping myself relatively more active than usual, which may or may not be the reason I feel this way – although I am inclined to think this is so.

The day is alternating between sunny and moody, and similarly, I can’t decide how I feel about Pamela Love’s latest collection.

I think I’ve fallen for that dangerously spikey-looking chest-piece in the middle. Badass.

Keeping in line with my penchant for the kitsch – I feel like those bangles from an alien world that look incredibly akin to an enlarged pinky ring, are speaking to me. They’re saying, “Don’t you love me? Don’t I look so oddly pyrite-cool? DON’T YOU WANT TO BUY ME??

It’s getting a little loud and frantic, so I think I should stop staring at them.

Haven’t really written on here in about a week or so, which feels strange to me now because oddly enough, I sort of seriously enjoy rambling endlessly on on here.

Will be posting something of substance up soon enough though, when I can focus on words for long enough to string a coherent paragraph together.

xo, minty