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My mum has been handing down goodies from her hey-days to me lately, and this one is quite a stunner in pictures. Off the film, not really.

It is a well-made corset bustier. However, the pleat drapes that fold below it is rather heavy for a simple function. This dress is also of a midi-length which is quite a no-no for petite (short) me.

I decided to take a few photo takes before thinking of dropping this dress by the dressmaker to have the hemline shorter and pleats lessened. What do you think?

β€’ I’ve paired this dress with a vintage find from mum’s jewellery drawer: a gorgeous Egyptian bronze choker

If you’re wondering how I suddenly got so fair, well I had some surgery done. Photoshopgery, that is! I used Filter B&W to help reduce the uneven dark tans on my body to make the dress look as smooth as possible.

Let me know what you think on what I should do to this dress πŸ˜€ If you’re wondering, no it wasn’t my mother’s wedding dress!

p.s: The bustier corset is my only favourite part as it fits so well!

β™₯ P E A C H E S