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Edited: 17th August 2011. I finally got my 1st Asos package (with no need to pay customs). It was at the Post Mail HQ where international stuff gets sent to. Weird thing is the note they dropped off at my home was dated 3rd August! Someone must have forgotten to pop it into the mailbox the first time round. Now I’m waiting for my 2nd Asos package (I actually called the lady Ika and emailed her back saying I will pay customs upon delivery ONLY). It better come!

4pm: My 2nd ASOS package arrived at my doorstep (sent by SKYNET WORLDWIDE/DPEX WORLDWIDE) and the deliverer said I opted for paying custom upon delivery. Anyway, it then looked pretty legit. I asked why I was being taxed and he said well your name+address is in the system, and the first few international packages are overlooked. But after that, they will tax because it looks like I am “importing”. 😦 Anyway, I’m pretty happy with my items to not really cause a big fuss. As long as it arrived safely. (Also, this package/box was rather big so I don’t know if this contributed to the tax?)

Next time though…the man has told me to ship it to Brunei as there’s no tax (really?!) or I’ll just get it shipped in UK (as I may be heading back). I hope the rest of those who have had similar experiences pop a comment below!


This is a day late, yesterday’s course of events had made me very annoyed:

I don’t know if you have ever been scammed before but I think I was – and I nearly paid for it! I have 2 packages from Asos which is due to arrive within this week and the next. I realised that packages arrive in Malaysia within 3-5 days and it’s basically stuck in Customs for another week before it is released to the receiver. However yesterday some lady called “Ika” from “DPEX” rang me up to ask if my email was so-and-so, so I said yes, she then proceeded to say she’ll email me to pay for tax charges over my parcel. When I opened the excel sheet, I saw details of other people of their ‘charges’ in 2010! There were a few discrepancies as well, even the number and dates were wrong! The excel sheet had it written down that I needed to pay to a certain bank account number (Public Bank) online. Suspicious?

Minty (thank God!) told me to check further as Customs is governmental so why does money need to be banked into a public bank account?

It was all very dodgy as it was not explained to me why I was being taxed. So I dropped by the main Post Office which deals with international posts and the helpful man said it sounds like it’s fake as I have to pay AT the Customs counter in town, when I pick up my parcel! Not online or bank transfer!

Sadly even Asos doesn’t know what “barcode” number I am talking about (which the local Post will need to be able to track if there’s any illegal doing) so Minty has advised me to wait for the due date the packages are to arrive. However if the taxing is real and therefore the packages don’t arrive, it will get sent back to Asos hopefully to be refunded. Well, at least worldwide shipping is free!

Good thing Minty was right in saying: No don’t pay up!!

I guess because I was in such a hurry to go out and had to endure this horrible scamming (which I’m quite sure it is), my mind wasn’t properly working and therefore it looks like I went out mismatched.

No? I’ll give you a hint. It’s the bag. Or the plaid shirt. Or the fact that it’s together?

Denim zipper skirt – Jane Norman

This skirt is one of my firm favourites. Why? Got it on sale and the zipper actually unzips the whole way through it! Sexay? Totally.

Plaid shirt in blue – ThePopLook; Friendship & jade bracelets – thrifted & gifted

Gotta love ‘Pearl Milk Tea’. No it’s not your Earl Grey Tea sort. This is 100% better with these jelly ‘pearls’! Maybe I’m bias?

Well…I am Asian. And we love our pearl milk tea.

Beaded cotton print bag – thrifted from Camden Market, London

Here’s the bag that makes the outfit look mismatched! It’s a gold-beaded thick cotton print bag I picked up while shopping in Camden Market, London. It only cost me £10! What a steal!

Havaianas Brasil in Purple – Havaianas 

It was raining outside later in the day (thank goodness!), so what better footwear than Havaianas? Comfortable and dries quickly!

I am an avid fan of Havaianas so much so that my dream when I was young was to be the CEO of the company one day and have a project of “Give Havaianas” to unfortunate people in the interior as these comfy flipflops last much longer than their RM5.00 ones which fall apart after a few hard days of walking 😦 Well…maybe one day that dream will come true.

Okay I’ll end this post with a hit for scammers out there:

Two-finger stud ring – October Origin

♥ P E A C H E S