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Trenery top, Carly Hunter silk pants, Meizko studded flats, Muji bag

I turned this laptop bag from Muji into a workbag today because it kind of looks like a briefcase, and I like that fancy, important feeling that comes along with toting briefcases. Yes, I suppose I can be a little juvenile.

I also like that it has a zillion compartments, although now I seem to have a different problem than I had with my Longchamp tote (zero compartments + too much digging through junk) – I can’t seem to remember which compartment I put my things in, and unzipping every compartment just to locate my phone got pretty ridiculous. I don’t know what’s wrong with me.



Sportsgirl earrings, Low Luv x Erin Wasson chain necklace


Peaches and I probably say this too much, but it was beyond hot today. I’m talking about that Your-Brain-Will-Melt-if-You-Stand-Outside-Too-Long kind of hot, which can never bode well for a person who abhors summer. Or anyone in general, really. Unless you’re into that sort of thing in which case, you’d love it here.

Was marinating in humidity and my own sweat (ew, Minty) for lunch today, because great food exists mostly in non-air-conditioned coffee shops around these parts. That’s some huge commitment for a plate of chicken rice, but it was worth it in the end… largely because I could do a lot just to satiate my hunger pangs. Even if it means I have to sit through a long-winded story about how some people will repackage used coffee grounds just to make a quick buck. (SICK!!)

Time to reduce my caffeine intake.


xo, minty