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Every shoe has a story. Where we got it, where it’s been, the things it has seen. Lastly, I’m sure that every shoe wants to live a happy, full life – like mine:

Okay no, I didn’t really draw happy faces on them…but wouldn’t they look adorable if I did?! No? :(It looks like espadrilles are back in season this summer…even though it’s summer all year round where I am now. Back to the story…

Today I decided to take my old espadrilles (bought in 2008) out for some fresh air when I saw its frayed laces dangling sadly onto the floor. I had forgotten I brought this white pair home as I had left its twin; in black in the UK where half of my (better) belongings still remain. (Oh no, I didn’t mean to hurt your feelings.)

When I looked at my espadrilles while tying the laces around my ankles (albeit clumsy), it suddenly brought a smile followed by a laugh to my lips. My mind travelled down memory lane today. So *ahem*, I will attempt to write you a sweet thank you letter dear espadrilles.

Dear White Spanish Espadrilles,

I remember buying you for less than €10 from the shoe shop that was renting the lot from C. I remember her proudly saying you are famous here; “made in Spain”. You looked so spanishly chic that I purchased you and your darker twin.

Thank you for the extra inch (or two) in the height department, thank you for making me fit right in during the Las Fallas festival celebrations with the rest of the fun Spaniards, thank you for guarding my feet when I stumbled from one too many chupitos, and thank you for…you-know-what.

I never really got to say this but…lo siento porque me emborraché that the car got stopped by the Spanish policía and I threw up all over his shoes…and over you too. Please don’t hate me because I chose to wear you that night but thank your pretty esparto that Mami bleached you when we got home after recuperating.

I know you can’t stay angry at me forever…it’s been nearly 4 years. Plus, I could tell you were in a good mood today, with all that Borneoan sun around you. Nothing like the dreary British weather sort eh? And that giggle…you like how I’m writing so much about you! …yes, you’re special.

Amo, Peaches.

No I’ve not gone cuckoo – we should give thanks for everything that has been given to us. It was the beginning of a love affair with Spain. So I’m starting with my vomited-on-and-bleached espadrilles. Hehe.


Rose motif dress – Cats Whiskers; Straw bag – Urban Outfitters

Ice Ice Baby Mini in Navy Matte headband – Sereni & Shentel

Do you have a bond with any of your shoes? Let me know your stories! 😀

♥ P E A C H E S