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I decided to clear a shelf in my cupboard today – it was the undergarment/lingerie section. But when I took out everything, it looked like everything else besides lingerie had been stealing panty space:

It was then that I noticed this dark red sarong in the midst of the swimwear, military high-waisted shorts and kaftans.

Sarongs are particularly great when I need to hide my thunder thighs at the beach, besides doing its triple duty as a dress, skirt or beach mat. There are various ways to tie or wear a sarong be it a dress, skirt, top, scarf, bag or even a head bandanna.

One of my favourite looks of wearing a sarong would be the Grecian toga. I learned this style during my travels from one of the batik houses in Ubud, Bali in January. It’s simple, beautiful and sexy!

Here’s the simple How To:

Step 1: Hold the sarong on both ends. Pull the right corner over your left shoulder, and the left corner pulled to the right under your bust. This is to create the Grecian toga in your sarong.

Step 2: Twist the sarong on your right side (like in the picture) to create a ‘belt’ or ‘braid’ to be placed under your bust. You should notice your sarong starting to drape at the sides due to the twisting.

Final Step: This ‘belt’/’braid’ is now used across your back to tie to the other sarong corner on your left shoulder. Tying the two ends can be a bit tricky, so get someone to make it secure for you if you can! (This is for when your sarong is not very long)

Grecian toga using a sarong

…and you’re done! 😀 Pair your beautiful sarong dress with minimal accessories and some pretty flats or heels and you’re set to go!

Who knows…maybe Elizabeth Gilbert wore her sarong batik dress in the above style and caught the eye of her dashing Brazilian man in Bali 😉 (…and no, I’ve not read or watched ‘Eat, Pray, Love’ if you’re thinking “No she didn’t!”)

♥ P E A C H E S