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Wearing a hat always makes me feel jaunty, probably because I don’t wear hats often enough. Something to remember about millinery is that if you wear them, your chances of getting a heat stroke is greatly minimized on any day that the sun is being obnoxious. Which is important. It also helps wearing one if your hair looks like it’s been chewed on. I bought this one years ago from some street-wear store, and its been collecting dust on a lonely shelf ever since. I dusted it off today and put it on, because the sun was everywhere. And also because my hair was being seriously uncooperative, and I really hate when that happens.


Chloé Marcie bag, Witchery sunglasses, Rimmel nailpolish in Rapid Ruby, lipbalm

My current favourites. I seem to be really enjoying red on my nails recently, even though I never used to be particularly drawn to it. This one by Rimmel is top stuff because it does what it says it does and dries in a minute which is a dream for an impatient person like me. It probably doesn’t stay on for as long as I’d like it to, but reapplying this every 3 days or so doesn’t bother me when I can resume the use of my hands after 60 seconds.


ASOS talon ring, thrifted moonstone ring, Elizabeth & James knuckle ring, Sportsgirl ring, red string bracelet, DIY beaded blue string bracelet

Strung this blue string bracelet together because one of my ASOS ones fell apart last night so I pulled it all to shreds and put a new one together. I might do a post on how I did it if anyone’s interested.

Hope you all had a great weekend wherever you are! Here’s hoping the next one comes sooner than this one did.

xo, minty