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I am not blessed with slim legs: my brothers inherited my mum’s but I got my dad’s muscular bottom half, so I make it up with dark leggings, or dresses. You won’t be seeing me strutting in shorts outside unless it’s to the beach or to sea.

I mostly wear longer tops to ‘hide’ my big hips and thighs (big in comparison to typical Asian sizes) with skinny jeans/leggings to create a slimmer illusion 😉

Here’s what I put on quickly before I went out:

Longchamp Le Pliage Medium Short-Handle in Bilberry

H&M Basic wide v-neck tee. Still mulling on my over-tanned arms

DIY necklace with bits of chain

Arm Candy: Bronze knuckle ring, stack of vintage rings, leather charm bracelets (gifted), DIY necklace

Ears adorned with earrings from one of my travels to Venice, Italy. The cut-outs of the eyes make it interesting when the sun shines through it (and hair is tied up). The girls at practice today loved it!

Havaianas Logo Silver in White

Walked out, and came home drenched with equatorial heat. It’s about 34°C out today. In weather like this, I sometimes miss winter a little bit. Just a little bit.

♥ P E A C H E S