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I would rather breathe on land, but breathing underwater is another feat in itself. Being in a totally strange element (water), with different inhabitants is truly a surreal feeling.

Snorkelling isn’t the way to do it, diving is.

I started diving when I was 12, but only got my license a few years back. Diving is extremely rewarding in itself; fun, educational, adventure, exercise (sort of).

We had blue skies and blue seas!

Schools of fishes!

Fishes don’t bite/attack unless they feel threatened (no touching underwater!), and will regard you as just another big fish. The fishes in this reef are still shy of divers, as compared to the Tulamben shipwreck reef in Bali, Indonesia where big fish swam just a few centimetres away from my face!


Aptly named Anemone Garden, this reef has many Nemo (clown fish) residents! I was very careful to not get stung by the anemone – their stings can be extremely itchy.

You can notice another diver’s underwater camera lens smack in front of the poor little marine crustacean!

Had 3 great dives that day last week, visibility was 24 metres and more! Apparently I was the only one with the most amount of air left which could be a good and bad thing.

Good because I am taking “calm, relaxed breaths” or either bad because it may mean that I am “not breathing enough” said the Dive Master.

Maybe that explains the headache I had afterwards.

I dived with this diving company: Tropical Dives in Miri, Borneo. Dive Master Robert is a natural comedian, and this makes dives more fun! (The website is slightly outdated, so give them a ring)

Dives are boat dives (not shore dives), and fees are inclusive of dive equipment, sea transport and food! Tropical Dives is the most experienced in the area with its previous DM (Mr Voo) being the founder of most 40 coral reefs in Miri, so you will be in safe hands.

No other way to travel but in Havaianas. I am wearing Havaianas Slim Pink.

Still mulling over uneven tan lines (my thighs and torso are the whitest parts of my body at the moment)…next time I’m either getting a long wetsuit or diving in my birthday suit.

Great weather for diving is during the summer in Borneo while monsoon season (heavy rain and storms) means diving is closed in this area from December – April.

After all that adventure, I’m glad to be breathing on land – and not worry about sharks lurking about.

♥ P E A C H E S