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Witchery top, Warehouse pants, Diva necklace, Cue wraparound bracelet, Zara bag

The sun is relentlessly hot today, and the humidity is weighing me down and making me feel like a right old whale. In hindsight, dressing in predominantly black was probably a bad idea, but conditions at 6am fooled me into thinking the day was going to be relatively mild.

I really should have known better.

A sweltering, tropical climate leaves one with very little options in the workwear department (I’d sooner poke myself in the eyeball than wear a blazer or layer-up when it’s not monsoon season), so on obnoxiously hot days I like wearing things that are all business and boring in the front and a little bit of a party in the back… even if it’s a miniscule one. Like the absolutely unneccessary zipper you see decorating the back of this top.

Yeah. I dress like a mullet, only in subtly varying ways. (See this previous MTW post.)

Billy Ray Cyrus, EAT YOUR HEART OUT.

xo, minty