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Thrifted printed kimono cardi, Agent Ninetynine top, Country Road pants, Zara belt, Longchamp bag, Nixon watch, thrifted necklace, Sportsgirl beaded bracelets

It was rainy and windy (YESSSS, THANK YOU GOD!) enough today that I could slip on a cardi and not get stared at in public whilst generating whispers that slide towards the general notion that I’ve lost my mind. I think I like that this one is all floaty with kimono-sleeves and a longish back that off-sets the cropped front – kind of like a mullet, except this is way prettier, and made out of chiffon. It all comes together nicely and gives me an ethereal sort of air when I make just the slightest of movements, which is always an added bonus.. in my mind, anyway.

Ah. Man, do I miss layering. If only the temperature on this island would drop about 10 degrees (not asking for much, really), I’d have looped a scarf around my neck.

Who am I kidding. I’d have done two. But only because I am dreadfully obsessed with scarves, and find nothing wrong with layering them on recklessly with wild abandon.

I promise you it would have looked something like spectacular.

xo, minty