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I’ve finally realized that I am seriously lacking a white sleeveless shirt in my wardrobe, and am thus in the market for one. (Of course.) Something with a drastic cut so it can pass off as a distant, polished cousin of the edgy distressed-leather vest, because I never seem to find an appropriate time to expose the entire length of my arm, but I’m not really holding my breath.

I feel like I saw one that fit the bill a fortnight ago, and I couldn’t have been less interested then (how selfish of you, Past-Minty). But a lot has changed in two weeks, and now I feel as if I can’t live without one, which is silly and immature, but something that can’t be helped at this point. Also, I feel oddly empty now that I’ve been made aware of the non-existence of this particular item of clothing in my collection. I keep feeling like Chloe Sevigny wore THE perfect sleeveless white shirt ages ago, but the older I get, the less lucid I seem to be, so I shall never know for sure – and also because sifting through Google images hurts my eyes, so I’ll leave it at that.

The cycle of humidity and rain has taken its toll on me, and I feel as if I’ve now gone from insomnia to hypersomnia, which is what happens when somebody just ever only wants to sleep. It’s driving my parents crazy because I always go back to sleep in the mornings, only to have to jump out of bed and trip over my own two feet trying to get myself ready in time for work (so far, I’ve always been able make it, if you’re wondering). I feel as if my colleagues are already used to my blotchy cheeks and haphazardly applied mascara, which reminds me: I think I forgot to curl my lashes this morning, but I suppose it really doesn’t matter in the end, as long as nobody asks me why my face looks like a palette exploded on it.

Keeping in line with my penchant for randomly jumping from point-to-point (sorry about that), I’m really diggin’ that flapper 20’s look all over again, if only we could rewind time a couple of decades back, I could see myself wearing the quintessential flapper uniform for a while and not get tired of it – although I don’t know how I feel about doing the Charleston and listening to jazz music on a loop.

Are those sequins I see on the sides of her shoe?

This look just went from Fabulous to Out-of-My-Mind AMAZING.

Sparkly things excite me.

xo, minty