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Deciding what to wear to church on a Sunday can be as daunting as deciding what to wear on a night out.

I was always taught to wear my best and nothing that would raise eyebrows… Mum has never allowed me to show up in jeans, leggings, pants, flip flops, the list goes on. However in recent years, I’ve broken this ‘rule’ countless of times!

I’ve not gone in flip flops (except for injuries), jeans (very rare) and sleeveless clothing (arms always covered). It’s always dresses and skirts for me, with a pair of flats (I’ve outgrown the vanity of needing to be taller, long legs and having a perky bum) because comfort is most important to me now.

Detailed ethnic print

For today’s Sunday Wear, I decided to try the new paperbag skirt which I bought in the massive Chatuchak Market, Bangkok during my travels recently. It is intricately woven with a beautiful golden/orange/red pattern. The paperbag skirt is aptly named so because the top looks like a scrunched paper bag (where the belt goes).

I’m unsure if the pattern is of Thai ethnicity but it looks tribally chic, and the best of all? It’s a wrap skirt! Perfect for those days of unsightly tummies.

Paperbag skirts are meant to be worn as waisted skirts. But the best slimming effect is to clinch the paperbag skirt where your waist is smallest to give you a beautiful curvaceous shape.

As you can see, the illusion of a slim torso! Perfect for someone like me who has inherited her part-Borneoan native’s big and muscular thighs.

This paperbag skirt literally feels like hardened paper, but that would be due to the material of this skirt.

It’s fast becoming one of my favourite skirts to wear at the moment!

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• If you want to DIY your own paperbag skirt, why not try making one out of a…pillowcase?! See here! She does amazing DIYs so check her out 😀

Lastly, I never forget my weekly Sunday dosage of Postsecret secrets. New secrets are up!

Have a lovely Sunday all, and be blessed ♥