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A crazy hot trend right now are printed pants. We’re starting to see them plastered everywhere in ad campaigns and editorial spreads, but I can’t seem to decide if they’re merely overpriced pyjama pants, or nonchalant-cool pants that nobody but the fashion pack seems to understand.

Real-case scenario: I rummage through a rack of pants and pull out a printed silky concoction and eagerly hold it up to my torso with much gusto. “Look dad! Printed pants! Aren’t they PRETTY?” 

Dad: (Couldn’t be less interested.) Very nice pyjamas.

Me: Whaaa- pyjamas? Dad, focus, these are day-wear pants! I’m going to wear them out into the world! (gestures grandly)

Dad: (Long pause; blank stare.) … Why don’t you just wear one of your pyjama pants out instead of buying this one then? Same thing.

Me: But it wouldn’t be the same thing!!

Dad: If you say so.

Fine. I can’t avoid it, they really do look like pyjama pants:

Feather-print silk pants, Witchery

BUT A PRETTY PAIR OF PYJAMA PANTS!! I can’t help but really want a pair. The kitschy demons are digging their tendrils into my brain, and working overtime.

I mean, can’t you see this come together if I paired it with a white top, blazer, chunky necklace and stacks of arm candy? Could you? Couldn’t you? I’m really on the fence about this one.

What do you think? Would you wear printed pants, or do you think they’re just glorified PJ’s?

xo, minty