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I grew up on Doraemon manga (Japanese comics) so it’s no surprise I grew to love reading manga and watching anime into my older years.

A still ongoing manga (which started in 1997) that I am currently reading and loving: ONE PIECE

It’s a fictional pirate-themed manga with magical abilities, out-of-this world creatures and mythical lands.

‘One Piece’ is the name of the most sought after treasure that was left behind by the Pirate King before he was executed. The World Government tried to hush the fact that there was such a treasure but the deed was done, and thus the pirate age began!

Also, their money is in ‘beli’ currency…how cute is that?!

The manga follows the adventures of fun-loving pirate Captain Luffy and his diverse crew of the Straw Hat Pirates (the 2 images above are of the current Straw Hat crew). It’s a fantastic manga!

Eiichiro Oda; the amazing artist who writes and illustrates this amazing piece of work, has captivated fans all around the world with his wittiness and creativity through his characters. Thank you.

My favourite character is Zoro; the samurai swordsman. He has a bad sense of direction but man is he cute and sexy! 😉

Right now, the translated manga is at Chapter 630! There are many websites that translate the manga into English so it definitely makes it a whole lot easier. I get my readings here or here!

Happy reading! 😀

♥ P E A C H E S

p.s: Do you have a favourite manga/anime? Let me know!