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I know I’ve been a little slack on my updates and random brain-vomit to entertain you with of late, but I’m still trying to figure out how to work my Photoshop, and also trying to not be so confused with where everything is on WordPress.

Is there an easier way to work everything? Maybe I should hire a monkey. You know what they say about monkeys – put one in front of a computer for long enough and it will eventually bang out prose and poetry.

Meanwhile, my camera is PMS-ing and refuses to cooperate with me.


Hoo-ray for technology!

Also, this definitely has nothing to do with anything, but Peaches thoughtfully BBM-ed me last night, informing me that there are FOUR books in the Faraway Tree series (by Enid Blyton, if you’re feeling poleaxed – beyond which, I can no longer assist you), and this made me feel geekishly flustered and down-in-the-dumps, because I only knew of three books. This is devastating. I feel as if I’m now in the Land of Topsy-Turvy. I must find the fourth book immediately so all can be right again with the memories of my childhood.

The Faraway Tree. 😦

xo, minty