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While studying overseas I learned a new way of shopping: Online Shopping.

Asos (UK’s largest online fashion shopping portal and it even ships worldwide FREE!), among other online shopping sites quickly became my weekly retail retreat especially on days I did not feel like getting out of bed into the infamous British cold just to get a certain type of dress/hairdryer from the mall. Why waste time and energy when I can do it from the comforts of home?

Almost everyone I knew (while in the UK) have shopped online at some point in their lives, but back in my homeland of Malaysia the debit card system was still very new (only started 2 or 3 years ago) and thus the online shopping trend is only starting to pick up.

Therefore shopping online meant you would need a credit card, paypal or manually bank in the money for your purchase at the ATM. What a hassle right?! Thank goodness for technological changing times!

When I came back to Borneo, I started searching for online fashion shops that would cater to a lower currency (yay!) and one of the great things you find with online shopping are similar/same things at DIFFERENT prices!

If you did not know by now, clothes at its raw price are not expensive. But sellers need to survive so clothes are typically marked up to at least 100% of the original price. Instead of it being RM25, it is marked up to at least RM50.

So when I was in Bangkok not so long ago, in this amazing mall called ‘Platinum’ which is basically a WHOLESALE mall, I realised that a lot of clothes I saw on Malaysian fashion sites (and even some international ones) were selling in Platinum!

To get wholesale price in Platinum (or almost everywhere in Bangkok), you need to buy a minimum of any 2 items from the shop. That’s a great saving of RM5, RM10, or even RM15.

Here’s some investigative evidence of the same top but in 4 different prices:

PRICE #1: http://www.sevendaysonline.com for RM89

Retailing at www.sevendaysonline.com for RM89.00!

PRICE #2: http://www.thepoplook.com for RM62

Retailing at thepoplook.com for RM62.00!

PRICE #3: http://www.octoberorigin.com for RM53

 Retailing at www.octoberorigin.com for RM53!

PRICE #4: Wholesale shopping in Platinum Mall, Bangkok at just RM15 a piece!

My 2 friends and I each bought this top in 3 different colours and so we got it at wholesale price of only 150 Baht each (retailing at 200 Baht without wholesale price)!

When we were walking around, browsing through the shops my eyes fell on this slouchy-yet-chic top (as it was familiar) and it looked really gorgeous (sadly wholesale shopping means you can’t try it on) so I persuaded the girls to buy them too hehe :p Here I am wearing the same top:

Same exact top! Same cutting, and is a salmon/honeysuckle colour. I teamed it with 2 necklaces I bought at the Chatuchak Market in Bangkok earlier in the day, adding some funk with knotting it up.

So I wore this on a night out in Bangkok to this really swanky chilled-out open air place that a family friend brought us to that looks like this:

With accompanying tapas (one of my favourite Spanish dishes sans the buffalo innards and testicles):

Hmm. Not my idea of typical authentic tapas but I guess molecular gastronomical food will do… since I threw up everything I ate that night anyway!! Apparently I caught the stomach flu virus 😦 (travelmate is a Medic) though I was quite sure it was the amount of coconut juice and coconut ice cream I had consumed earlier on in the day at the Chatuchak Market… *sigh*

But all’s well now, I still got a good bargain (ignore the travelling overseas) and if you didn’t know, you should know how much I love a good bargain!

Tip of the Day: Source around in the online fashion sphere before purchasing an item because similar pieces are often passed around but priced differently! Consumer power? Definitely! 😀

♥ P E A C H E S