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Ever heard about the Convertible Dress? 1 dress that can be turned into infinite styles? I’ve definitely seen them around but it never seemed to have a lasting impression on me.

Until that is, I actually saw the different ways of styling each dress. The only few problems I have about the dress would be this:

  • Difficulty in concealing a bra
  • Unless you are living in a very open-minded society or always attending high balls – most of the styles tend to be more on the sexier side.
  • The fear of the knots coming undone. Whoops!
However, here’s what I found online – just a visual on the structure of the dress and the many many ways of playing with it! 🙂

Butter by Nadia

Diane von Furstenberg wrap dress made chic-er. Here are 12 ways (out of many) to wear the Convertible Dress:

How amazing is that?! Definitely worth your moolah. Butter by Nadia even shows you how to style your Convertible:

LOVE it! Here are some of my favourite styles:

Dresses for all occasions 🙂

Two Birds

1 dress conveniently draped in 4 different styles!

Don’t the bridesmaids look stunning?! Love love love the versatility of the Convertibles Dress.

The backs are up to your creativity, but I can quite imagine this is some slightly heavy material…

Many sites just like Butter by Nadia offer many colours (and even prints) of the Convertible Dress, and in different lengths.

Seeing these simple pieces of clothing makes me want EVERYTHING and I know that’s really quite impossible so, I wonder if I can make my own…

’till then!

♥ P E A C H E S