I ripped this meme off from things90skidsrealize.com because I missed the 90’s and really felt like revisiting my childhood.. even though I was technically brought into this world in the 80’s.. But, um. You know. On with it.

What animated 90s character would you like to chill with?: At the risk of ruining my image and committing social suicide – I really want to meet a Pokemon (c’mon guys – THEY’RE SO CUTE!!).  And maybe even Captain Planet, because he’s got the dopest entrance I’ve ever seen. Oh, and Carmen San Diego, just because.
What is your proudest video game accomplishment?: I killed it repeatedly at Mortal Kombat using Sheeva and the same move over and over again (incidentally, it was the Teleport Stomp, BOO-YAH), which really pissed my contenders off no end. In retrospect I probably shouldn’t be proud of this at all because I really ever only banked on that one move – BUT I AM. Hehe. “FA-TALITY!!!”
What 90s show or cartoon would people be surprised to know that you watched?: Um. I don’t know, this is harder than I thought. If you actually knew me, I don’t think you’d be very surprised at a lot of the things I say/do. Maybe Gummie Bears? Duck Tales? Darkwing Duck? Hehe crud, are these 80’s or a 90’s cartoons? This question totally threw me. Next.
Who is the sexiest female cartoon character and why?: I can’t decide between She-Ra and Wonder Woman. I mean, they both had really great accessories and nice hair, so really, how does one choose? Ok, I cheat and choose both.
Who is your childhood crush?: I don’t ever recall having one. Also, they’re cartoons.. so this feels like a weird question.
What 90s videogame has robbed you of the most hours of your life?: It was a tie between Mortal Kombat and Dragonball Z, and only because I was always forced into it by my brother. I had to watch my (2-player) girly games rot and collect dust at the bottom of some woe-begone drawer whilst I learnt how to battle it out, boy-style.

Don’t make me Teleport Stomp you.

What is your favorite 90s sports moment?: Nada.
Which 90s one-hit wonders can be found on your iPod?: All 4 One – I Swear, 4 Non-Blondes – What’s Up, Deep Blue Something – Breakfast at Tiffany’s, Take That – Back for Good
What 90s cartoon character is most like you and why? They might be from the 80’s (which totally screws this whole post up Minty, nice going) but I’d be Bedtime Bear and Wish Bear’s lovechild. Yes, it’s true. When I’m not being sleepy, I’m like, wishing for stuff. Constantly. It never ends.
What 90s music artist(s) inspired you most? Britney Spears, Backstreet Boys, N’Sync, Faith Hill … Seriously, what did you expect? I was a child.
How did you handle Mufasa’s death? It was horrible. I spent the rest of the movie alternating between total denial and feeling wrecked. Felt like I could have done something to save him. If only I’d tried harder..
What was your signature cereal and cartoon on Saturday mornings? Honey Stars and whatever cartoon Malaysia was kind enough to air on Saturday mornings. Hey, it was slim pickings for us over in a small town. Can’t afford to be too picky with what they’ve got to offer on TV3 (there was only one channel anyway).
When was the last time you felt nostalgic?: Since I mistakenly wandered upon this meme. I miss the 90’s. 😦

Captain Planet needs to come and bring pollution in 2011 down to a zero. While we’re on the topic, check out that green mullet.

90s Cartoon:
Doug/Rocko’s Modern Life/Pepper Ann/Recess/Captain Planet/Talespin/Rupert/Sonic the Hedgehog/The Animals of Farthingwood/Aaaah!! Real Monsters/Hey! Arnold/Gargoyles..gawd this is terrible, I’m going on and on – evidently, I like almost all the cartoons they made in the 90’s
90s TV Show: Home Improvement/Fresh Prince of Bel Air/The Cosby Show/The Nanny/Friends/That 70’s Show/wish I could think of more
90s Movie: Any Disney cartoon. Everybody knows, Disney is King for a 90’s child. Anyway, I don’t really recall much else, except maybe that Narnia cartoon.
90s Musician: Britney Spears
90s Song: Truly, Madly, Deeply by Savage Garden
90s Toy: My Little Pony/Polly Pocket/Barbie’s horse/Transformers/Hot Rods/Sullivan’s Families! .. How do I choose? I love toys!
90s Shoes or Clothing: I wish I knew. I couldn’t have been less bothered with what I was wearing in the 90’s. Fashion just wasn’t happening on my agenda until the 21st century. I really only remember Osh Kosh B’Gosh and Kiki Lala from that era. I guess those ones were all right.
90s Book: OMG WHERE DO I BEGIN? The Berenstein Bears/Babysitter’s Club/Sweet Valley/Goosebumps/Animorphs (lolol)/Christopher Pike/Nancy Drew/Thowra the Silver Brumby (don’t ask)

Patty Mayonnaise or Topanga Lawrence?
Patty Mayonnaise.
X-Men or Ninja Turtles? Ninja Turtles in the 90’s. X-Men mania didn’t happen t0 me until the first X-Men movie came out. After that, all I wanted was to control the weather/have telekinesis/have radioactive blazing eyes/etc.
Batman or Spiderman? Batman. All the way. Why? Because he’s got a killer Bat Cave and really cool accessories. (It’s all about the accessories with me.)
Super Nintendo or Sega Genesis? Sega.
WWF or WCW? WWF. It was pretty entertaining back in the day and produced all sorts of legends like The Rock, Hulk and that weird guy, The Undertaker (who gave me nightmares). Can’t believe I was allowed to watch this show.
Goosebumps or Scary Stories To Tell In The Dark? Goosebumps, although Scary Stories was a close second.
Fruit Gushers, Fruit By The Foot or Fruit Roll-ups? Fruit Roll-ups, because the Aussie ones always had cute cartoons printed on them, HEH.
Better leader: Tommy Pickles or TJ Detweiler? TJ Detweiler. Because I always kind of enjoyed watching Recess a little more than Rugrats.
Biggest bitch: Angelica Pickles or Helga Pataki? Angelica Pickles. She needs a good spanking.

Finally, I’m all done. Was starting to feel like I was writing up an entry in someone’s autograph book, which was always a bit of a stressful thing for me to have to do, because I never, ever knew what to write. I’d obsess for days and end up scribbling a tiny profile and a rambly (not to mention embarrassing) message on the side. On top of that it was always those same old poems written in to fill up space (we’d write these BIG), e.g. ‘Roses are red, Violets are Blue, Sugar is Sweet, And I’ve Got a Friend – That’s YOU!’ Very sweet and incredibly thoughtful (for someone to copy it off someone else’s entry), but zero originality. I should know. I was often guilty of it.

By the way – WHO REMEMBERS HAVING AN AUTOGRAPH BOOK OR WRITING IN ONE? On that same note, wonder where all my autograph books have gone – hope they’re still around. Somewhere.

Man, I miss those days.

xo, minty