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Type in “Eyes” in the Google Search engine and you will see images and images of big eyes with lustry long eyelashes.

They all look gorgeous.

Well, then I guess that must suck for me as I have Asian blood running through my veins and apparently…my eyeshape.

The reason why Asian (not Asian in British terms mind you) people tend to have smaller eyes is because our eyes are not as deep-set as our other Caucasian or Middle-Eastern friends. The nose bridge is not high, and a lot of Asian people only have single eyelids – making some lean towards eye surgery to create the desired ‘double-eyelid’ effect.

However, I’m blessed with double eyelids, a decent amount of eyelashes and eyebrows and so am very thankful for it!

At the airport in Bangkok (where I was for the past few days) looking at cosmetics, we stumbled upon Shu Uemura’s Eyelash Curler. An individual set was retailing at 610 Baht (RM61/£12.20), but the Travel Set was only retailing at 1,100 Baht (RM55 per person/£11) and since my friend needed one we took it!

 The Travel Set consists of 2 of the same eyelash curler, not a miniature travel sized one so it’s really worth every penny.

I do not normally fork out a lot of money on cosmetics (or on many things) but my £3 eyelash curler from Boots got spoiled (lasted me 2 years!) so this was the perfect reason to spend!

Apparently it’s a good eyelash curler as it crimps the whole line of eyelashes on your eye – well I’ll just show pictures to prove it 🙂

It worked pretty well, and it’s got a sturdy grip on my eyelashes so that’s good.

Here’s the end product after using some mascara and eyeliner, ready to go out:

I am still pretty lousy at applying eyeliner…good thing for mascara! Above, I only applied one coat of mascara (I normally apply 2-3 coats) as I was only going to be doing a few things out.

Curling your eyelashes freshens up your eyes making them look awake when you really aren’t, and so they are an instant pick-me-up!

My eyes are wearing:

  • Eyelashes: Diorshow Waterproof Mascara from Dior
  • Eyelashes: Shu Uemura Eyelash Curler
  • Eyeliner: Maybelline waterproof gel eyeliner

♥ ρeaches