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I love weekends. Being able to sleep in and do absolutely nothing after you wake up is a luxury I truly cherish, now that I’m slugging it out in the corporate world. Of course, getting up in the wee hours of the morning 6 days a week for about a year does build up a certain sort of routine. Consequently, my idea of a sleep-in on Sundays is probably only up to about 9am, which might be sad to others, but it also means I get to burn daylight doing all sorts of incredibly productive things! You know what they say – make hay while the sun is shining!

So here’s a quick breakdown of my productive weekend.

Got all geared up to try out the game that the boy is so obsessed with, just to see what it was like.

Call of Duty: Black Ops. Also known as the worst 10 minutes of my life.

What a mistake. I quit in a huff after having my screen fog up more times than I care to mention (a foggy screen means your avatar is dead). Besides which, the realistic graphics really add to the unnecessary stress of it all because you feel like you’re actually on the battlefield (apparently, for boys this is cool), which made me really tense and nauseous.

I’ll be honest, it also breeds a fair bit of resentment towards the creators of this game – even though it’s really my fault for being so lousy at it – and actually being behind the keyboard of this game makes you feel a bit barmy. Hence resulting in an entire mental conversation with myself, like a real nut-job.

Where am I? What am I shooting at? Gawd, this mouse is annoyingly responsive. Crap, who is this, is he on my team? Ok, don’t care la it’s not real, I’ll just shoot … HA HA! I DID IT! Man, is this game for babies or what?? This is SOO easy!! Ok, keep going, keep going.. Remember: C is for crouch. V is for knife. C is for cr- *SCREEN FOGS UP* HEY!! WHAT THE – $%@#^^!! (repeat x4)

Whatever. I thought it was a stupid game anyway. Hmph.

After that, I had to wash the horror and carnage of COD out of my mind, so I used up the remaining 42hours and 50minutes (minus my half day at the office) of the weekend perusing other, far more interesting things like this:

Say hello to the East Asian Raccoon Dog, also known as the  Magnut/Tanuki.

Oh. My. Gawd.. What is this animal? Is it a dog? A raccoon? What in the world is it? Evidently, someone else had the same classification problem as I, because it’s widely known in the Western world as a Raccoon Dog. I assume calling it the Dog Raccoon would have sounded a little weird, and choosing one or the other wouldn’t have felt quite right. Well honestly in the end, you could have called it a Teapot and it really wouldn’t have made a difference to me, because I really, really want one. Or two.


Wait ’til you see its babies:

AWW. LOOK AT THOSE FACES! How can anybody not love these faces? I want to pick them up and squeeze them! Seriously. I’m curling at how unbearably cute these creatures are – can’t believe people can bear to coop them up in horrible conditions in fur farms and skin them. 😦 Sniff.

Naturally, after I found out about the fur farms (BOOOO!!) it got a little depressing, so I had to give up Googling these cutie pies and go for something a lot more uplifting:

Korean variety show: Family Outing

Yay! I absolutely love this show, it really cheered me up after that horrible COD game and the plight of the Raccoon Dog. You can’t believe the types of things these Korean celebrities do for laughs, it never fails to put me in stitches. I just wish it were easier to find episodes to watch.

After tiring of clicking through about a thousand dead links, I gave up and began to torture myself by scouring the internet for lust-worthy items. As you do.

Jennifer Behr (2009)

Spiked headband, Jennifer Behr @ Pamela Love for Zac Posen (2009)

Eugenie Niarchos wearing Givenchy headband from 2009 & Repossi rings, via Jak&Jil

These headbands are badass! I can see why Blair Waldorf from Gossip Girl regularly dips into her arsenal of headbands to complete her outfit. They’re so effortlessly chic and easy to put on (it doesn’t exactly require a whole lot of expertise) and is an instant way to elevate your outfit. Good tip: if you’re sartorially timid and looking for a way to jazz up your look, headbands are a really good trend to try without going overboard. Check out local Malaysian headband designers Sereni & Shentel or Alainn to start off with, and build your collection from there!

Loving every inch of this look on Eugenie Niarchos from her hair, down to the sleeve length of her jacket, and her accessories .. perfection.

However, on that same note, it has become apparent that everything I want now comes from 2009.

That will teach me to go around looking for problems I don’t need to have.

Which reminds me, I really should document my collection of headbands. Just needing to find a better way to store them, then I’ll post the pictures up! Until then, they will remain sprawled out haphazardly at the bottom of my top drawer, unfit for public viewing. -_-

xo, minty