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Loved Peaches’ post on the Sereni & Shentel headbands! Although I have no idea what she’s talking about – I don’t think I have quite as many of them as she thinks I do. Sniff. Regardless, hopefully I’ll remember to upload pictures of my collection soon enough.. you know, when my latest shipment gets in.. HEHE.


Spent the better part of the long weekend in Singapore indulging in the 3 F’s: Food, Friends and Fashion. Though I suppose I spent a little less on fashion this time and much more on the rest.

I met this wagyu beef pie in Jones the Grocer and gave it a good home in my tummy. I guess the salad wasn’t too bad either.

French toast stuffed with grilled mangoes and marscapone, compote & maple syrup on the side. Easily the best money I ever spent on eggy bread and sugar. Divine.

This cafe was pleasantly reminiscent of my days in Melbourne. There’s something strangely homely about a polished concrete floor and well-stocked bar with an industrial-sized coffee machine placed front and center. I miss the sight so much that I’m convinced somebody needs to bring Curious Teepee to the jungle immediately.

I lived in Havaianas the entire trip in an attempt to avoid developing festering blisters, and my feet still managed to hurt. Short of going barefoot, I now have zero footwear options left for when I embark on more shopping expeditions in the future.

I was sharp enough to accidentally pack my exfoliant instead of my face wash the night before I left, and had to hop on over to the nearest departmental store to stalk the kiosks for a suitable alternative. Decided to purchase Benefit’s “Foamingly Clean 1-Step Gentle Facial Wash” because I was predictably seduced by how it’s a 1 step cleanser, which meant that I didn’t have to worry about mooting around the rest of the beauty floor for a second product like eye makeup remover. I like how it smells pleasantly clean, doesn’t foam up exorbitantly like a bubble-bath on steroids and doesn’t seem to dry out my skin like most foaming cleansers have a tendency to do. The sweet packaging didn’t hurt either, and may or may not also have contributed to its purchase.

[edit:]  It’s been about a week, and I still reach for the Benefit 1-step over my Laura Mercier 3-in-1. While I will continue to adore the Laura Mercier cleanser, there’s something pretty addictive about that clean-face feeling that only a foaming cleanser can make happen. As it was a week ago, it doesn’t make my skin feel tight after I’ve rinsed, and effectively removes ALL traces of makeup from my face in one fuss-free cleanse (primer, concealer, powder, eyeshadow, blush, waterproof liner and non-waterproof mascara) which impressed me in ways you can’t imagine as I’m used to double-cleansing just because I never feel as if my face is thoroughly clean once-through. Another great thing about the Benefit Foamingly Clean is that it’s formulated for all skin-types so no one out there has to feel as if they’re missing out on something fantastic; but of course as always, if you’ve got hyper-sensitive skin, it’s always best to get testers before you fully commit to a full-sized bottle of the stuff (it is a scented product after all). But in the end, I think what really caught my attention is the way it makes my skin feel smooth, soft and – dare I say – glowy, which you can’t deny is a crippingly addictive effect.  Love.

Somewhere along the line, I also somehow managed to convince myself that I really needed the “It’s Potent!” eye-cream they have from the same range. It’s purportedly a hyaluronic formulation (in English, this just means it’s extremely moisturizing) and brewed with a whole host of things like apples and some sort of herb that helps brighten your dark circles and so forth. There were more ingredients in it that did other attractive-sounding things to the skin around your eyes, but I’ve honestly forgotten what they were. In terms of results, I can’t say I really see a difference yet, but it does the job when it comes to moisturizing. Either way, it’s early days yet, so here’s hoping that this is one of those creams that only show results after two weeks or some other sort of similar time-frame.

Say hello to the best purchase of the trip: MINT-FLAVOURED LIPGLOSSES!! Yaaaaayyy!

I got these at the airport from the Bigelow&Co. Apothecaries shelf in the beauty department – these are the Mentha Lip Tint in “Pink Mint” & Mental Lip Shine in “Ultra”. Unlike the rest of the minty lipglosses I’ve tried thus far, these ones taste purely of 100% natural mint sans that disgusting cosmeticky taste on your tongue that often accompanies every single lip product ever made. Believe me, this stuff is fantastic if you’re a mintaholic.

This suddenly reminds me: I should probably stop buying mint-flavoured lip items.

BUT I’M ALREADY IRREVERSIBLY ADDICTED TO THESE BABIES!! Thank you Mr.Bigelow, for creating these products which has led to my eventual discovery of them and subsequent addiction. I hope you also understand that should you ever stop production of these divine mintilicious products, I will be forced to hunt you down in a desperate fool’s bid to make you give me the manufacturer’s recipe. I sincerely hope that this is not too creepy or threatening in any way.

xo, minty