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The one thing that puts Jimmy Choo and Sereni & Shentel in common?

Both designer brands were born and bred in this equatorial homeland of ours; Malaysia.

Jimmy Choo (now based in London), started his humble beginnings making and designing shoes in Malaysia before he spread his wings overseas. Celebrities, Royals (and those who are able to afford them!) alike love his designs (he designed for the late Princes Diana) for its beauty. I’m not too sure about comfort…but hey, beauty is rarely without pain! Right ladies? :p

Jimmy Choos aside, here’s another piece of affordable luxury you can wear: headbands.

That’s right, headbands. Retailing their headbands in USD, one would say why should we pay so much? Maybe if you head over to these ladies’ site you might think otherwise…

So here’s a review of some of their headbands!

In my collection, I have 2 Blairs (named after Gossip Girls’ Blair), 2 Block Partys and 1 Mini Ice Ice Baby. Compared to Minty’s collection, mine is quite humble (and rationale one at that too :p)!

Everything is lovingly handstitched, in their headquarters in Kuching, Sarawak hence their tagline of: “Made in Borneo“.

However, due to each one being specially made upon request, the sizing of the headbands can differ as you will be able to see from the pictures towards the end. Luckily these aren’t headbands with metal bases so it doesn’t pinch!

Here are some visuals:

Clockwise from left: Mini Ice Ice Baby in Navy Matte, Block Party in Mint, Block Party in Navy, Blair in Mint, Blair in Black 

There are 2 types of shine of the gems on the headbands; Shiny and Matte.This Mini Ice Ice Baby is in Navy Matte. Flash is turned on above.

This is how the Navy Matte looks like without flash. I wished they had Matte gems on the Blairs, I like my things toned down a little bit.

Here I am sporting it 🙂 I’m still shy showing my face so we’ll just leave it at that…

Blair in Black without flash. There are many other colours to choose from, but I decided to get one which would suit all.

This is how the Blair in Black looks like.

Sereni & Shentel (started from duo Sereni Linggi and Shentel Lee)’s chic tag!

Block Party in Navy without flash. The folds are only on one side of the headband, not the whole band.

A bad macro on the gems of the Blair Mint. There’s also the option of customising your own Blair! You can check it out 😀

You must be sick of my partial head :p

Each order (not headband) comes with a personalised black dustbag for your headbands!

However, be aware about discrepancies in headband sizes. These are the discrepancies in my 2 Blair headband sizing (the rest were fine):

Blair Mint is wider than Blair Black

Blair Black could fit inside Blair Mint (when it shouldn’t?). However, I didn’t mind the two different sizings – Blair Black just holds on my head better!

All in all, these headbands are so simple yet beautiful!

They may be a little bit on the pricey side but hey, I like supporting the local scene (like how I bought Zee Avi’s album on iTunes because she was born in Borneo) and so you should too!

They have many other yummylicious designs, and a whole spectrum of colours!

Check them out here: Sereni & Shentel

♥ ρeaches